Why Should You Service at the Dealership?

Access to Information

We have access to bulletins with the latest updates about repairing your vehicles, including service recalls and safety issues. You might also receive information via mail or email about your vehicle.

Training and Education

Mac Motors invest substantial time and resources in continuing education and training. Technicians often travel abroad for training and are frequently tested on the latest technology. No one knows a Land Rover like a Land Rover technician.


Mac Motors has sophisticated diagnostic equipment, and invest time in training and the right equipment - tools, hardware, software and computer equipment to ensure repairs are done correctly.


Mac Motors use Original Equipment parts, which offer a standard of quality that is only available through the manufacturer network and offer twelve (12) months warranty. In many cases, aftermarket parts are inferior to OE parts. While they might be cheaper to purchase up front, lack of quality could cost you money in the long run.

Warranties and Extended Warranties

Repairs and parts are backed with a warranty of twelve (12) months. Warranty offers greater peace of mind. Manufacturer backed warranties make servicing your car easier and the work carry a warranty.

Comfort and Convenience

Experience a clean, well maintained environment, clean bathrooms, beverages, fresh coffee, current periodicals and more.

Price and Value

Price is a common misconception. Mac Motors is as competitive as ever on oil changes, batteries, brakes, tires and other common repairs. We have done mystery shopper projects and the results indicate that the new car dealer provides a tremendous value. For example, dealerships, offer multi-point inspections and up-front pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

For a variety of reasons, Mac Motors is eager as ever to make sure each customer is 100% Satisfied. First, it's good business. Second, Mac Motors is required, by the manufacturer to maintain a standard of excellence when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customers receive surveys to measure their level of satisfaction and the dealership is very aware of the survey results. This awareness translates back to the service managers, advisors and technicians, who are all responsible for maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.