Benefits of Genuine Car Parts

Why choose Genuine Manufacturer parts for your car?

When looking for new parts for your vehicle you might find that there is a wide range of manufacturers all supplying the same parts at a different price. So why should you choose genuine parts over non-genuine ones? Here at Mac Motors we have compiled a list of five reasons to consider…

Quality : When using genuine parts you can be assured that they will be higher quality than any others on the market and they will have stricter quality standard tests to pass. Many Non-genuine parts will often be of lower quality.

Easier to Fit : You can be guaranteed that genuine parts will fit your vehicle as they are designed to be an exact fit. Non-genuine parts might not fit properly, and even though your vehicle might still work, it could well cause problems at a later date. Manufacturer Approved garages will usually only fit genuine parts.

Reliability and Durability : You can rest assured that genuine parts will work perfectly first time and that they will last longer than non-genuine ones.

One part affects others : In many cases each part works with others to produce a single output. If you replace a genuine part with one of lesser quality it could affect the performance of the vehicle considerably.

Warranties : Genuine parts come with warranty.

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